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Simplified Registrar Accreditation

Request for Comments | CoCCA Simplified Registrar Accreditation Agreement [ Friday, 5th October 2012 ]

Comment Period Ends October 12th comments should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , any comments received will be posted online at the end of the comment period.

The draft CoCCA Registrar Agreement > Registrar_Simplified.pdf

Background: CoCCA maintains a Shared Registry System ( SRS ) in which entities who have a desire and the technical capacity to manage a portfolio domain names on behalf of third parties may do so.  We call these entities “Registrars” and the third parties (the domain name licensee) “Registrants”. 

Registrars may vary in size and technical capacity, they can be an individual or registered entity company, association etc.  Registrars may manage names manually via a web-based interface or the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) API.  

The SRS is a neutral technical platform that treats all requests equally and provides all Registrars with the same tools irrespective of the Registrar’s. The CoCCA SRS provides no valued-added services to Registrars or Registrants. CoCCA does not have tools to enable Registrants to manage DNS resource records ( other than delegation information), email, web hosting, URL re-direction or any other similar “retail” services.  These value-added services may or may not be available though a particular registrar or third party.

CoCCA does not consider Registrars to be “franchisees” and we do not attempt to manage a particular TLD’s “brand” by requiring registrars to provide a certain level of customer service or a set value-added services. The consumer (Registrant) can select any registrar they choose based on location, language, fees, services levels etc.

If a Registrant is unhappy with the Registrar’s service, or value proposition, or the Registrar goes out of business the Registrant can simply transfer the domains to another registrar using simple automated tools are available to them from CoCCA or the TLD manager.  A business failure on the part of a Registrar may effect value added services offered by the Registrar (hosting , email etc) but will not extinguish the Registrant's domain name license, any rights they hold, or see the domain removed from the SRS or DNS  ( if a registrar goes bust the domain still keeps working).

Under the CoCCA AUP policy matrix law enforcement, intellectual property owners or any other individuals or entities may contact the CoCCA or the TLD manager directly if they have concerns regarding a Registrant’s use of a domain. Registrars are not a integral part of the technical or policy process that is followed when a CoCCA complaints officer, law enforcment or TLD manager suspends a name for violation of the TLD policy or criminal activity.

If a registrar is un-contactable for any reason and there is evidence of criminal activity or rights violations a domain can be removed from the zone by CoCCA ( on receipt of a formal complaint ) or law enforcement - with immediate effect. Allowing small "mom and pop" enterprises to be registrars poses no threat to the stability or interoperability of the internet, nor does it encourage or facilitate criminal activity.